My favorite music

I love music. You could catch me listening to almost all genres, but I really like RadioHead. They make beatiful music videos and songs you can play anytime.

My favorite game

I grew up playing lots of games, but this game was one of the few that I played through again once I got older. Playing it a second time made me understand the story a lot better and that is why I like the game a lot better.

My favorite movie

I watch a lot of movies. One of my favorites is La La Land I thought it was super cute and I started playing the guitar after watching it.


Here are some for things that I enjoy.

Some of my Socials

I use twitter, snapchat, and instagram the most hit me up if you want to be friends or just want someone to talk to. I play a lot of online games, but I am on League and playing Ultimate the most.







Super Smash Bros Ultimate

In Ultimate I main Zero Suit Samus. I have been to a couple a tournaments, but I'm not the best if you want practice I would be down to play.

League of Legends

In League, I am a Diamond Top main, but I don't play as much as I used to.

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